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Marína Abramovič po sebe neupratuje

Marina Abramović is a world-famous artist. The group called Marína Abramovič po sebe neupratuje is known only in the “little world” of the Bratislava art scene, if even there. Its members have therefore posed the question: what would happen if they tried to get in touch with Marina Abramović? Or indeed, what would happen if they tried to contact her using their “weak ties”? Interesting here is the personal, human factor: are world-famous celebrities open to communication with local artists who operate in a narrower milieu? The project examines the durability of social relationships, or their transience, under the influence of a certain social status, the social mask. The authors are contacting Marina Abramović not as a noted celebrity but rather as a human being. The attemptat immediate, natural interhuman contact is at the same time preserved also in the form of the process of searching, through interaction with unknown people. Hence the point of departure is primarily from the “personal circle”, where some links have already been created. Subsequently new circles of contacts are attained, where the close relationship is absent, but a potential new relation comes into being. Resulting from the primary impulse, a model of new networking is thereby produced. Hence, in the context of the attempt to gain contact with Marina Abramović, communication with unknown people is a factor which notably influences the direction and further evolution of the project


Marína Abramovič po sebe neupratuje (Marína Abramović Doesn’t Clean Up After Herself) is an open, collaborative art group, which responds to social issues via artistic interventions. The group came into being in April 2015, when it was formed by members Dorota Brázdovičová, Dominika Koššová, Eleonóra Stanková, Martin Toldy, Veronika Unzeitigová and Emiliya Vereshchagina. Its artistic activity began with the project Touch the Waste, which engaged in the phenomenon of wasting food presented in amt_project gallery in April 2015 and at the Divadelná Nitra Festival in September 2015. Currently Marína Abramovič po sebe neupratuje comprises Matej Kaminský, Eleonóra Stanková, Martin Toldy, and Emiliya Vereshchagina.


Marína Abramovič po sebe neupratuje, Untitled, 2016, group self-portrait.

Marína Abramovič po sebe neupratuje, installation, photo: Andrea Kalinová

Marína Abramovič po sebe neupratuje, installation detail, photo: Andrea Kalinová

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