Living Library: Multiculturalism

Lenka Kuricová

The event connected with the Living Library project is organised in cooperation with Amnesty International. In the Living Library there are no actual books, but instead there are people with different, often difficult life stories, usually coping with some kind of discrimination or violations of human rights. The Living Library enables casual discussion, which opens a space for sharing of opinions and obtaining new perspectives on the life around us. The main theme that the living books will discuss in on June 16, concerns the crisis of multiculturalism and related topics. In Europe we are finding ourselves in a chaos of political changes and a migration crisis. Discussions with living books that have personal experiences and knowledge of these issues provide a stimulating opportunity for receiving information.


Lenka Kuricová (b. 1991) is an artist dealing with social and political issues. She studies intermedia and multimedia art in the studio of Ilona Németh at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, this year working on her Masters thesis. Projects of hers, made in cooperation with Michal Huštaty, have been exhibited at international art festivals as well as in local galleries.

Lenka Kuricová, Fatima Rahimi, living book from Afganistan, a journalist currently living in Prague, 2015, digital photography. © Fatima Rahimi.

Discussion with the living books, 16.6. photo : Adam Šakový


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